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Applied Bachelor Degree in Global Trade and Logistics

About the Applied Bachelor Degree in Global Trade and Logistics

The Global Trade and Logistics Applied Bachelor Degree at Highline College is an applied Bachelorís degree in collaboration with CWUís Supply Chain Management certificate program.   The goal of the applied bachelor degree is to offer pathways for continuing education to students who currently hold an applied Associates degree or are currently working in the industry and donít have the appropriate AA degree to attend a traditional bachelorís degree program.  With many of the related jobs in this field requiring Bachelorís level degrees, creating pathways with minimal barriers is important for our regional economic growth.

Course Requirements

Because this applied bachelor degree falls under the business umbrella, there are key courses needed by those transferring in with associate degrees if they are going to have a further pathway into a Masters level program.    These courses are not included in the applied bachelor curriculum but they are necessary prerequisites for many crucial courses in the degree program.    

These include:

  • English 101 and CMST 101

  • Business Statistics

  • Micro Economics

  • Computer course focused on Microsoft Office and Advanced Excel

  • College Algebra

The curriculum is as follows:

Supporting Courses

Engl 335

Advanced Technical Writing

Math 148

Business Calculus

Phil 346

Professional Ethics

CMST 320

Business Presentation Skills

CMST 330

Organizational Behavior and Communication

Econ 273

Survey of International Economics

ENV 301

Global Environmental Issues

BI 348

Data Analytics


Core Courses

Acct 201

Financial Accounting I

Acct 202

Financial Accounting II

Busn 305

International Regulatory Compliance

Busn 310

Intro to Supply Chain Management

(shared with CWU)

Busn 338

Global Marketing

Busn 318

Project Management

Busn 420

Lean Six Sigma (shared with CWU)

Busn 425

Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

(shared with CWU)

Busn 475

Global Supply Chain Management

(shared with CWU)

Busn 440





Busn 435 Advance Topics in Operations/SCM


 Pathways to Getting Your Applied Bachelor Degree in Global Trade and Logistics


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