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Applied Bachelor Degree in Global Trade and Logistics

Why Get an Applied Bachelor Degree in Global Trade and Logistics?

The world’s leading companies and organizations need you to help them build and deliver products better, faster and cheaper. If you’re working in international business, logistics or a closely related field—or wish to be—then you can make yourself more valuable by earning a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Global Trade and Logistics. Highline’s new applied bachelor program will help you gain skills and knowledge and put you on the path to higher wages and promotion.


Global Trade and Logistics Applied Bachelor Degree Course Requirements



About the Applied Bachelor in Global Trade and Logistics

The Global Trade and Logistics degree at Highline College is an applied Bachelor’s degree in collaboration with CWU’s Supply Chain Management certificate program.   The goal of the degree is to offer pathways for continuing education to students who currently hold an applied Associates degree or are currently working in the industry and don’t have the appropriate AA degree to attend a traditional bachelor’s degree program.  With many of the related jobs in this field requiring Bachelor’s level degrees, creating pathways with minimal barriers is important for our regional economic growth.

Entering students will need to have completed an AAS degree in a Business or Logistics related field or take additional courses to complete the AAS concurrently with the BAS. The BAS in Global Trade & Logistics specifically builds on the AAS degree in International Business and Trade program at Highline, though it is not exclusive to that entry point.  This particular AAS degree has been developed through the years to align with both industry certification requirements and industry advisory committee recommendations.    The program has had strong industry input from regional and national employers such as CEVA Logistics, American President Lines, Federal Express Global Logistics, and DHL Global Forwarding. 



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