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Certificate Programs

The certificate programs generally require 50-58 credits of certificate specific courses.


International Business and Trade
In Highline's degree or certificate International Business program, you will receive the training and expertise required to succeed in the international marketplace. Our programs develop international business people with practical skills, a sense of global citizenship and an understanding of cultural diversity.

In today's global economy, international trade is increasingly becoming the engine of growth for economic development around the world, according to the Washington State Office of Community, Trade and Economic Development. (58 credits)
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Learn more about certificate graduation rates and the median debt of students who have completed a certificate program.


Human Resource
With Highline's Human Resoucre certificate, you demonstrate the leadership skills to effectively manage within the human resource environment.

Find out much more about this exciting new program by clicking here. (48 credits)
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Small Business/Entrepreneurship
Enroll in Highline College's Small Business/Entrepreneurship program to turn your dreams of managing or owning a small business into reality.

An entrepreneur organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. In this program you will develop the practical skills you need-including management, marketing, retailing and accounting-to effectively plan for and operate your small business. (52 credits)
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Retail Management
As part of a state-wide consortium, Highline offers a certificate in Retail Management in collaboration with the WAFC.  This certificate is sponsored by members of the retail industry and is recommended for students currently working in retail sales positions or those students who would like to work in retail sales and progress into management roles and responsibilities. Course work is specific to the retail industry and focuses on preparing retail employees for upward mobility. (39 credits)
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Also, take a look at the Retail Management Certificate online business program. As an approved community college partner, Highline College can award you with this online certificate that has been recognized as a part of the White House’s Upskill Initiative, and leading organizations and foundations including the Clinton Global Initiative, ACT Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Labor.
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Short-term Certificate Programs

Urban Agriculture (Short-term Certificate)
With Highline's short-term Urban Agriculture certificate, you demonstrate knowledge of sustainability in agriculture, entrepreneurial gardening/farming, and practices for food production, as well as stewardship and community building. (19 credits)

For more information, contact Urban Agriculture Program Manager Bobby Butler at
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Nonprofit Management
In Highline's Nonprofit Management certificate program, you will learn the principles of successful grant writing, event planning, nonprofit financial management, and grassroots fundraising to fund a nonprofit organization. You will also learn the essential legal requirements and step-by-step process for forming a nonprofit corporation. (19 credits)
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