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BUSN 140 and BUSN 240 are the Cooperative Education coursesHowever, BUSN 140 and BUSN 240 are not an actual “classes.”  These are internships with a real employer (also known as a Cooperative Education experience). This for-credit internship setup allows you to learn new skills or knowledge on the site from your choice of industry employer.

Here are some additional details regarding BUSN 140: Cooperative Education:

  • Please keep in mind that BUSN 140 is not a paid employment position. The Cooperative Education gives you the chance to get real work experience as an intern for college credit.
  • The prerequisite for BUSN 140 is BUSN 139 (the Pre-Internship Seminar). That class is offered every Spring and every other Fall (it was not offered Fall of 2017).
  • Highline is regularly approached by local employers who are eager to have our students intern or work permanently at their organizations. Contact your department coordinator about opportunities that may be available for you to intern with.
  • Before you can receive an entry code and register for BUSN 140, you will need to complete pages 1, 2, and 5 of the Cooperative Education paperwork with your employer. Once it is complete, you must email it to Shawna Freeman at and request the entry code to register.
  • You must also take BUSN 139 before taking BUSN 240.

An Internship is required in the professional-technical curriculum at Highline and can be one of the most valuable courses in which students enroll. It is an excellent opportunity to gain legal experience, develop contacts and network, and enhance a resume. Internships may lead to employment opportunities.

 Please contact the faculty advisor for more information.

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